Delivery and Installation


Delivery from stock is normally within 48 hrs of cleared funds. However, if your choice was not in stock at the time of order there could be a delay of up to three weeks.

For example: You may pay the deposit to order your machine on the first of a month. If there has been a demand for that model you may have to wait for up to three weeks while our replacement stock order is processed, clears customs, and it delivered to us. This means your machine would arrive with you around the 22nd of the month.

If we have already sent our replacement stock order, the machine of your choice may already be on the way, reducing the wait time.

Don't hate us but we have to say, we have no control over delivery company and customs delays. We will complete the delivery as soon as we can once the product is in stock.


Domestic machines, up to 80 L can normally be delivered, unpacked by the customer, and put into service by following the supplied instructions. Literally Plug In and Go..... all set up. However, if you have any doubts we will assist you.

Larger machines, over 80 L may required a more physical installation depending on the customers requirements. This installation, and any charge, will have been discussed at the time of order and / or consultation.