Do you have water problems like these?

From Air to Water

Undrinkable water? Corrosion in taps and pipes?Blocked filters and shower head? High maintenance costs on water pumps? Frequent interruptions in water supply? Risk of microplastics in the supply?Using thousands of Plastic Bottles every year or managing tanker deliveries?

There is a better way ........

We provide a solution .... out of thin air !

This website is under construction and will be available in Greek soon.

From Air to Water

Taking water from the air, our units provide daily clean drinkable water with options for individuals, families, isolated properties and small businesses.

Larger yield machines by request. Suitable for hotels,factories and public buildings click here

We offer a choice of Atmospheric Water Generators from 3, 10 and 15 ltr countertop models, 25 to 30 ltr free standing models and 80 and 100 ltr * units for whole house supplies (remote or off water grid properties)

* refers to ltrs per day

Shhhh! We even have one that makes coffee automatically

Supplying Atmospheric Water Generators in Zakynthos, Greece

Let's re-hydrate Zakynthos

DO NOT confuse these systems with water filters... click here

Main Road, Alykes, Zakynthos, 29090 Greece

Counter Top Models

Just Plug in and Go. No plumbing required.

Kara have challenged the market with this stylish flagship countertop model, the Kara Pod. Due for release this summer, It produces 3L of water per day. Enough to make 18 cups of coffee....... which it does for you. Amazing!

A new style from Freewater. This countertop model produces 20L per day, with Hot and Cold options Priced at €1100

Supplied by Hendrx, this countertop model produces 15L of chilled or hot water a day. Priced at €TBA

This can be yours for just € TBA


Henrdx 15



6 Pre-orders.

3L H360 x W230 x D380 5.9kg

20L H580 x W310x D530 28Kg

Free Standing units

a water dispenser with a water dispenser
a water dispenser with a water dispenser
  • YES of clean Alkaline drinking water daily

  • YES A choice of hot or cold available

  • YES Dehumidifies the room as it works

  • YES Returns purified air to the room

  • YES Essential minerals added

  • YES Saves at least €602/ year - on bottled water*

  • YES Helps discourage single use plastic bottles**

  • No external water connection necessary

  • No unwanted contamination in the water supply

  • No risk of microplastics

* replacing 2x 6-pack of water @ €1.65 per day

** Eliminates 4,380plastic bottles per year

Plug in and GO. - No plumbing required

25ltr H 1138 x W 375 x D 307

10 ltr H 1138 x W 375 x D 307



Kara Pure is perfect for corporate locations where the Luxurious, Sleek design blends in with the decor. This Air-to-Water Dispenser makes up to 10L of alkaline water per day. All you have to do is plug it in!

This freestanding water generator from Freewater produces up to 25L of hot or cold water a day. Just plug and go !



We offer an option to supply your whole house, feeding purified water to all your taps and water outlets. Installation Required

80 to 240 ltr Whole house systems

  • No water connection required

  • No more dirty water /contamination in supply to taps

  • No risk of microplastics

  • No more corroded pipes

  • No more replacing taps every year

  • No more blocked filters in taps and washing machine

  • No more bottled water save at least 600 / year

  • No more tankers bringing water. (off supply properties)

  • No more water meter SAVE at least 204 / year

  • YES Clean Alkaline water from all taps

  • YES Shower in clean fresh smelling water

  • YES Wash your clothes without rotting them

  • YES Essential Minerals added

  • YES Water your plants and animals without risk

  • Installed inside or outside (Freestanding)

  • Great option for locations with frequent disruption of supply

  • Ideal for isolated properties / off supply

  • Solar options available

80 ltr H 1100 x W 670x D 520

This model produces 80 ltrs of clear pure water every day. We recommend it for use in remote areas or where there is no water supply or it is frequently disrupted. Installing 1, 2 or 3 machines gives you flexibility to meets the changing needs or residents or guests, at the same time adding resilience to the installation. If installed outside, the water produced can be stored in a suitable tank to feed the whole property. If your needs exceed 240 ltrs per day, please contact us for larger units

guide price €2,700

About Us

'At From Air to Water, we are dedicated to providing sustainable drinking water solutions through innovative air to water generator technology. Based in Zakynthos Greece, we aim to help address our environmental issues as we help to solve our water issues. Every system we deliver helps to reduce the number of single use plastic bottles in use. Based on replacing 1x 6-pack per day, one machine generating 9 ltrs a day eliminates 2,160 plastic bottles a year. Whole house systems help to reduce the strain on an overloaded water supply network, whilst remote properties use fewer tankers, reducing traffic and pollution.'

Liz Costello is an ex army paramedic and veteran of Bosnia. Her experiences make her well aware of the health problems that can be caused by a lack of clean water. She has lived on Zakynthos with her family for 19 years. Having overcome several major health issues in the last 5 years she is now bouncing back and believes that the improving technology available will play an important part in everyone's future - not just here in Zakynthos. And so From Air To Water was founded.

Extract From our Mission Statement

Our larger models generate more water, as you would expect, but aware of their dependence on generated electricity, there are solar options available, making the installation more responsible and sustainable. We also offer water saving devices such as toilets with wash basin built into the cistern - effectively using the water twice.

Our Business Partners

Freewater4u, Portugal. Ged Sloan

Bright living room with modern inventory
Bright living room with modern inventory

Contact : Liz Costello +(30) 69 406 406 86


Order / Pre-Order

To Pre-Order upcoming models and ensure your place on the wait list, fill out the form, making sure you put Pre-Order in the message field and any message after that. List the models you would like in the Models of interest field. We will register your Pre-order to ensure your place on the wait list and send you an email with the Pre-order fee payment details (100 for each unit). We will contact you again as soon as your selected model is en route to arrange for payment of the balance of the deposit. The remainder is due upon delivery.

To Order any other models, fill out the form, making sure you put Order in the message field and any message after that. List the models you would like in the Models of interest field. We will register your Order and send you an email with the Deposit payment details (50% for each unit). Upon receiving cleared funds, we will contact you again to arrange delivery, at which time the balance will be due.

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