Frequently asked questions

Where does the water come from?

Water is suspended in the air around us as vapour. The higher the humidity,the more vapour there is. When the conditions are right, water can be produced.

What is an Atmospheric Water Generator?

This is a machine similar to a dehumidifier, but more sophisticated in that it ensures that the water it takes from the air is pure and treats it to ensure it contains no bacteria. It then adds specific minerals to the produced water to make it ideal for drinking. This is known as Alkaline water.

Is it noisy?

The models designed for indoor use make less noise than a domestic refrigerator. The larger models are installed outside to ensure you are not disturbed.

Do you make the machines?

No, we select models available on the market based on efficiency, looks and the amount of water produced. Price is also a factor. All machines bear the Name of the company, much the same as when you look at a variety of brands in an electrical store.

Are they expensive to run?

No. But each machine uses a different amount of electricity depending on how much water it produces, and how much you actually use. As an example, a 10L machine is rated at 270 watts which means it's production cost is 0.12 cents per litre. Some models offset this cost by providing a link to connect solar panels.

Where is the water stored?

The domestic units store the water inside them. The larger machines (80L and above) store water in a separate tank, making it available to feed the whole house.

How it works

Why do I need one?

If your water supply is contaminated and unsuitable to drink, or if it is frequently disrupted, or if you live in a remote area where there is no mains water supply, then this could be the answer to your problems, with pure drinkable water available all the time.

Can I recover my money over time?

Can you put a price on safe clean drinking water? Maybe not but based on an average family using 2 6-packs of water a day at €1.65 a pack, you will save 1,204 a year. If you change from mains water to a whole house system, you will also save that cost, up to €120 per year assuming water usage of 2 cu metres per month.